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I haven't thrown a club thing in a while, so I'm gonna throw a fucking club thing. 

In the mix are the most bad ass brand in music, GOTTA DANCE DIRTY, homies who have foretold the tastes of the cool kids + cognoscenti for the last five years. I'm thrilled to bring their brand to NY, something that has been long overdue.

As far as tunes, I have some old friends and fellow NYers ASTR and Branchez bringing in the classy, sexy, modern Hip-Hop and Bass sound. People also call it "Post Dubstep" but it's not really "Post," it's really just actual Dubstep, because Dubstep used to be classy back before the stupid Americans came around.

No fucking fist pumping brats. No fucking shirts that talk about Molly. No fucking shirtless muscley assholes bumping into you and sweating on James Perse t shirt. No K holes.

No girls will vomit at this party. Not fucking one of them!

As always, I'll probably toss in a few special guests, so always get your wack ass camera phones ready to instagramthatho.

Downstairs is gLAdiator with Alex English and the GBH fam. Big up to Kenny at Webster for helping us put this shit together. Entrance good for both parties, you're fucking welcome.

I can't wait to have sex with all of you


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August 24 2013
10 :00 pm
August 25 2013
4 :00 am
251 W 30th St New York NY 10002
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